Fur and Lint Remover Brush Set

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Product # 5589

Eco-Friendly Re-Usable Fur & Lint Remover Brush Set -  for Travel, Furniture, Clothing, Fabric, Carpet, Dog and Cat Hair

  • SPOTLESS FURNITURE -  With 1 clean swipe with this brush, you are sure to be "wowed" at how much hair it actually picks up.
  • ALL SURFACES  - This will work on any surface without leaving any scratch marks or snags in any furniture material
  • EASY USE  - Easily clean your the pet hair off of your furniture, then store the brush away in its brush cap, this cap will grab all of the hair on the brush and stow it away inside the cap to throw away later!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Reusable Hair Remover Brush.
  • SET INCLUDES - Small and Large Lint Brush with Self Cleaning Base.

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